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Custom springs for robot design

source:Qianye Precision time:2022-9-14

From life-saving robotic assisted surgical platforms to automated industrial assembly to un-manned interplanetary exploration, robotics technology requires quality precision springs.

Our springs and components are frequently used in the following robotics applications and devices:

  • Linear actuation (pushing or pulling)
  • Rotary actuation (one direction of rotation or two with return to center)
  • Counterbalance articulated assemblies
  • Cable assembly and hose management
  • Propulsion
  • Steering & suspension
  • High energy deployment mechanisms (NASA)
  • Clamping / retention
  • Vibration isolation
Qianye Precision offers many mechanical components that are suitable for robotics applications. Some of the most common products include constant force springs, spiral torsion springs, and spring reels.
Constant force springs: Provide a smooth range of motion and a nearly constant load when extending or retracting. Can eliminate the need for costly and complicated motors, thus decreasing device size and cost.

Constant torsion springs: Ideal for applications requiring less than 360 degrees of rotation. They are often used to obtain a large amount of torque through a small amount of rotation.

Spring reels: Available with a wide range of forces, cable lengths, and travel, and mount easily.

In addition to the products mentioned above, we also design and manufacture custom mechanical assemblies. Often, our clients have additional parts that need to be assembled with the spring. In this case, a custom mechanical assembly is ideal. Our engineering department is able to identify the need for an assembly in the design phase.

From the design stage to prototype,Qianye Precision is your contract manufacturing partner for your robotic mechanical components. Our engineering team is here to help ensure your design specifications are accurate and complete, reducing development costs and lead-time. We’ll evaluate whether standard springs or custom springs or assemblies are the best solutions for your device.

From in-house tooling to quality assurance, we provide unique capabilities and outstanding customer service throughout the manufacturing process.

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