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Serbisyo sa disenyo sa pag-optimize

Gikan sa mga ideya sa produkto, disenyo hangtod sa nahuman nga paghimo sa produkto, makatabang kami sa mga kostumer sa pagkompleto niini, ug matabangan ang mga kostumer nga ma-optimize ang ilang mga produkto gikan sa propesyonal nga panan-aw sa paggamit sa tingpamulak, mapadali ang pag-uswag sa produkto, ug mapadali ang oras sa merkado. Gikan sa inisyal nga yugto sa disenyo sa sangkap sa tingpamulak, paghimo hangtod sa katapusan nga asembliya, gipili sa mga kustomer ang mga bentaha nga makuha ni Qianye. 1. Pag-save sa oras sa pag-uswag sa produkto 2. Paghatag kanimo usa ka lainlaing mga solusyon, pilia ang gusto nga solusyon sa pag-optimize 3. Ang tingpamulak nga labing angay sa imong produkto 4. Pag-alagad kanimo alang sa kinabuhi ug pagtagbaw sa bisan unsang teknikal nga suporta nga naa kanimo.
From product ideas, design to finished product manufacturing, we can assist customers in completing them, and help customers optimize their products from the professional perspective of spring use, speed up product development, and speed up time to market.
From the initial stage of spring component design, production to final assembly, customers choose the advantages that Qianye can get.
1. Save product development time
2. Give you a variety of solutions, choose the desired optimization solution
3. The spring that best suits your product
4. Serve you for life and satisfy any technical support you have.
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Our Advantages

  • Raw materials

    ● Spring products are made of the most stable stainless steel 301 material;

    ● Deeply cooperate with upstream companies in research and development, start special smelting from billets, better grasp the quality of raw materials;

    ● We are not limited by material, although special material requirements can also be developed and produced.

  • Production equipment

    ● equipped with two special slitting equipment (minimum slitting width 2mm, slitting tolerance ±0.05mm);

    ● We use precision hardness tester, edge grinding machine, spring coiling machine, heat treatment constant temperature furnace(炉), special detector(检测器) and a series of professional production lines and testing equipment;

    ● We are China's exclusive independent research and development of spring coiling machine manufacturers. It has been upgraded from the first generation to the eighth generation, doubling the spring life.

    ● For example, the average market life of dog leashes is between 2,000 and 6,000 times, and our test results are between 30,000 and 100,000 times.

  • Production process

    ● We specialize in the production of stainless steel constant force spring and any variable force spring, with the highest international standards of production technology.

    ● From raw material slitting, edge grinding, spring winding, shearing, tail processing and heat treatment, all use automatic industrial machines for continuous production.

    ● The company has obtained 12 utility model patents(实用新型专利); 1 design patent; A spring fatigue life test bench equipment invention patent.

  • Design and application technology

    ● We can fulfill all reasonable customization requirements. At the same time, we have powerful technology to help customers optimize and solve all the problems of spring application.

    ● We can do structural design for customers, tailored to maximize the function of the spring.

    ● We have helped many customers solve practical application problems and multiplied the value of their products.

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