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[Qianye precision]8 addımda sabit qüvvə yay dizaynı

mənbə:Qianye Precision vaxt:2022-9-15

 The sabit qüvvə yay is made of stainless steel strip. The high-strength steel strip is shaped by specific spring production equipment. When it is straightened by external force, the spring will naturally roll back and produce elastic force. However, when our goal is achieved, it can return to the starting point specified by us after displacement.

Sabit qüvvə yay has the characteristic of maintaining constant force in long stroke, and can be applied to products requiring linear movement such as round-trip, sliding, stretching, homing, balancing or labor-saving. For example, we go to the common fan lifting, store display shelves, tape measure, lifting doors and windows and computer monitor lifting. So if you choose a constant force spring suitable for your product, the design has the following 8 steps.

  1. 1. Material selection – most flat steel springs produced by Qianye precision are made of type 301 stainless steel. This material is the most readily available and predictable. Thousands of industry engineers can assist in selecting standard sizes to speed up the process.

    2. Estimated life cycle – the life of constant force spring is very predictable, making it one of the most important considerations. Being realistic is important because it is estimated that a longer life cycle will lead to larger and more expensive designs. Underestimating the life cycle of constant force springs may lead to premature failure. Common life cycles range from 4000 to about 25000 life cycles. If a longer life cycle is required, the tolerance of increasing spring diameter and force due to low stress levels and small differences in materials must be considered.

    3. Establish force – the force of the constant force spring shall be equal to the requirements of the application. The standard tolerance for constant spring force is ± 10%.

    4. Determine the space -. The inner diameter (ID) of the spring depends on the thickness, the life cycle and the required force. The outer diameter (OD) depends on the above, and the total length is taken as an additional consideration. The constant force spring does not extend tangent to the spring body. The standard tolerance for ID and OD is ± 10%.

    5. Calculate the total length – the total length of the spring shall take into account the actual elongation of the spring in application, plus at least enough material to maintain 1-1 / 2 turn on the spring when fully extended.

    6. Select end details – Qianye has many standard end details available. Qianye precision is equipped with a complete tool and mold department, which can create many customized designs required by customers.

    7. Consider the environment – corrosive atmosphere or extreme temperature will affect the service life and material selection of the spring.

    8. Complete the design – once all the above criteria are considered, the spring can be located or inferred.

     Shenzhen Qianye Precision Metal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-precision springs. The company integrates product R & D, production, sales and service. We sincerely welcome new and old customers and friends from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business cooperation. Qianye precision will serve you wholeheartedly!

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